September 2014

Can exposure to UV Lamps really cause skin cancer? Don’t believe everything you read in the Daily Mail…..

There is so much misinformation in the nail industry today about acrylic products being harmful. Most, if not all, of this information is completely false. But please, don’t take our word for it, read for yourself! 
Doug Schoon has over 30 years of scientific experience and a masters’ degree in organic chemistry and is considered to be the leading research scientist in his field. 

Doug Schoon is an internationally-recognized scientist, author and educator with over 30 years experience in the cosmetic, beauty and personal care industry. He is a leading industry authority, known for his technical and regulatory work that has helped shape the beauty industry.

“Do UV Nail Lamps Emit Unsafe Levels of Ultraviolet Light?”

August 2010

A recent report incorrectly concluded that UV nail lamps are a source of “high-dose UV-A” and also inaccurately compared UV tanning beds with UV nail lamps.

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My gel nail hell | xoJaneUK

Ladies, if you want to know why it really isn’t good thing to “try this at home” then just read on…

Next month we are starting education classes for novices at Nail Divas. Why not book in and learn how to do it properly. For just £55 you will get a full day of information and advice about nails, manicure, nail art and how to use gel polish.

The preface:

As I type this two of the fingers on my left hand are wrapped in tin foil; not because it’s a new fashion or because I’ve had some horrific accident, but because I dared to try and undertake a home beauty treatment. I quite frankly should have known better. In fact, I did know better. I learnt years ago that while I’m a dab hand in the kitchen, and fast of wit, when it comes to beauty treatments I’m a massive D for dunce.

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Fall 2014 Nail Colors – 10 Best Nail Polish Colors for Fall – Elle

Colours for Autumn

Though we do not want summer to end (how did it go by so fast?), part of us is looking forward to all those little things that come with fall: the crispness in the air, layering sweaters and wearing leather jackets again, and swapping out our bright summer clothes and makeup for a moodier color palette. One of the best ways to accent this new fall look, is with a fresh manicure. Here, are our the polishes our editors swear by for autumn.

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