February 2019

UV Lamps Cause Skin Cancer…..says the Daily Mail….AGAIN

Once again the good old Daily Fail has published misleading and potentially worrying article about the dangers of painting the nails.

So, we thought we’d just clarify a few things for all of our clients.

1) We don’t use UV technology in the salon, we use LED. But even if we did we’d like to make it clear that a typical fluorescent ceiling light produces more than 200 times the UV that a UV nail lamp does! All UV lamps use UV-A not UV-B. Put simply, using a UV Lamp to cure your nails is the equivalent of standing in the sun for an extra 17 seconds once a fortnight!

2) Our lamps don’t ‘dry’ nails. If you don’t believe us try painting your nails with nail polish from Boots and see what happens! The lamps are designed to cure the gel (which is a chemical acrylate) through a process of polymerisation. The gel contains photo initiators which react with the wavelengths emitted by the light.

3) No polish in our salon contains formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate. Most nail polish brands ( with the exception of the cheap imported polishes on Ebay) stopped using these chemicals well over a decade ago.

4) Gel polishes don’t ruin your nails. Badly trained technicians who do not apply or remove the polish correctly ruin your nails. Acrylate allergy is very unpleasant but fortunately very rare. It can be avoided by using a trusted brand and following manufacturers instructions. Putting gel on your own nails at home without any training really isn’t a good idea. It may not look like rocket science, indeed it isn’t, but there is science involved and it’s crucial that you understand it.

5) At Nail Divas our technicians are properly trained and qualified before they are allowed to work on the public. Being a nail technician is a lot more difficult than it looks and requires plenty of scientific study and practice. Between us we have 40+ years of experience. We take customer safety very seriously and if we thought any product was potentially dangerous we wouldn’t use it….simplezzz.


The Under-representation of Women in Entrepreneurial Roles.

New Initiative to Increase Number of Women Entrepreneurs in Wales

Well, I hate to say it but……I TOLD YOU SO!

Any of you who know me well will also know that I’ve been banging on about this for many years. I’m delighted that the Welsh Government has finally had the “balls” to admit this, if  not a little disappointed and frustrated that it has taken them so long to realise that over 50% of the workforce has been marginalised for decades.

It’s almost 50 years since The Equal Pay Act and the Dagenham womens strike and still women are under paid and massively under represented at senior management levels and above.