Tootsie Time

Oh yes! It’s here! That time of year when you finally get those hoofs out of hibernation and realise you actually have Hobbit feet. Argh…the shock. What can you do? You can’t possibly wear sandals with hairy toes and overgrown toe nails with the remains of the Ruby Ritz Red Glitter polish you had for the Christmas Party.
Well that’s enough about MY feet……. So, Pedicures are definitely the way forward, and these days there are so many different treatments it can be difficult to know what you need. So here is a little info to help you make an informed choice.
The word pedicure simply means care of the foot (Pedi=foot and Cura=care) but it can take several forms so here are some of ours.
Pristine Pedicure: Our luxury treatment with a soak, scrub, mask and massage along with a polish colour. This intensive pedicure includes treatment to help eliminate hard skin and calluses.
Funky Feet: A Spa treatment with a foot mask and massage plus colour.
Plastic Fantastic: A Shellac treatment for the feet without the foot soak (Shellac really isn’t very fond of toes that have been soaked!)

Of course, if your feet need a more “industrial” overhaul because of ingrown toenails or cracked hard skin then it’s always a good idea to have a chat with the chiropodist. And remember that we can also repair and rebuild damaged toe nails with acrylic

Finally, to all those out there who say “eeew, I don’t know how you can touch peoples feet,they’re minging”….(and I get this daily)….I have just one question. Which foot do you use to wipe your bottom then?

I rest my case.