My nail just popped off!

Firstly, can I politely point out that no it didn’t. I’m about as likely to believe that as I am to believe in spontaneous combustion! Like most other things in life the equation is as follows:-

Intention + Action = Consequence

Now I’m not saying that nail extentions don’t break or lift or come off because they do. But they don’t just fly off the fingertips on a whim and without warning. Usually they need a little help.

Most breakages that are not attributable to direct damage are the result of lifting. Lifting is every Nail Technician’s enemy and something that particularly plagues newly qualified techs.

What is lifting?

Lifting results when the nail enhancement system starts to lift away from the natural nail plate, usually at the edge closest to the cuticle (the eponychium) but occasionally at the tip and it looks like this…

Lifting   lifting 2

Lifting can have a number of causes.

1) Poor preparation which leaves debris on the nail plate is one reason. Whether applying acrylic, gel, gel-polish, or ordinary nail polish, it is critical that the nail bed is free of non-living tissue and oil so the product can adhere well to the nail.

2) Over filing is another reason for lifting. Excessive filing of the nail plate will leave it thin and weak, and it will not be a good platform for enhancements. If the nails have been filed down too thinly, the enhancements will not bond properly to the natural nail and lifting may occur.

3) Sometimes lifting can be caused by failure to use the correct primer for the system.

4) Another very common reason for the lifting of acrylic products is improper mix ratio of liquid to powder. Each brand is different, and it can take time to master the correct ratio.

5) Picking! Yes, ladies we know you pick, but please try not to. It doesn’t help your nails and in fact every time you do this you are pulling away a few layers of your own natural nail plate too.

What should I do about lifting?

Don’t ignore it that’s for sure. If it happens it needs to be tackled promptly and before it causes further problems. If you leave lifted product it is only a matter of time before bacteria manages to sneak its way underneath. And once it’s there, it’s in the perfect warm damp environment to allow it to multiply. Trust me on this one, bacterial nail infections are not pretty and they take a long time to grow out!

And finally…..”Can I glue my nail back on?”

Can you? Yes. Should you? Absolutely not!

It is almost impossible to re-glue an enhancement that has come off entirely as the surface will no longer be smooth. The result will always be a badly fitted nail which is likely to come off again and even more likely to grow a bacterial nail infection!